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When it comes to designing our interiors, we always intend to search online or in magazines rather than going by our own judgment. We intend to trust other people to provide us with some ideas, which we scale down to our needs and then implement in our homes. And why not?

At this day and age it’s simple. If your decorating project has a low budget, then borrowing someone else’s ideas sound like a good idea. But if you want something unique and suitable only for your property, then it’s worth getting professionals involved. People who do it every day, have the right knowledge and experience, but obviously this will come as an extra cost. LGC decorators Ltd have worked with various interior designers and architects, so we can advise the client on all aspects of interior design and decorating.Living and working in London we get work with the best and most creating people in the world. We proud ourselves in being one of the best  specialists in our trade and always follow the advice of  designers or architects that we work with. 

Paint colors, paint finishes, wallpapers, furniture, carpets and curtains come together when it’s done right. Home or office is where we spend the most of time and we need the right surrounding in order to be productive or relaxed and get the most of our lives. This is the reason to invest in our properties and make them work for us, but not other way around. So now, that we are getting closer and closer to Christmas, let’s make things colorful and beautiful  around us. LGC Decorators Ltd is looking forward to a new interesting year ahead and we hope to share our passion of decorating  with all fellow Londoners. Photograph at the top of this page is one of the finest examples of our work, which we want to share with all of you and we want all of you to have the spaces around you to be how you want them. #design #decorating #London