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How much does it cost to paint the house or a flat?

Well, this is the question with no straight answer, but we get asked very often.
First of all, how big is it? What needs to be painted? How much preparation is required? What level of quality is expected ? What materials are to be used ? Where is it ? And much much more to be considered.

On the average it takes 2 days to repaint 12-15m2 room. This is without fine attention to details. So, normally one room will cost from £300 upwards, plus materials and vat. If you need really fine finish, then more time will be needed. And time is money…

Areas like staircases or exterior painting are even more difficult to fit into standard pricing. Most of the time it’s best to arrange the visit and ask for the quote. It’s always free and you will get advice on what materials or colours would work the best for your project. Professionals like LGC Decorators Ltd do it on the daily basis, so if you value your time and want to achieve the best results, it’s always best to leave certain jobs to people who know what they do. There is no such thing as cheap painter.
Quality work takes time and no one can come to work just for fun. We live in the society where we have to earn our living…Especially in London. Search for painting and decorating vacancies here if you fancy trying to do what we do.